WOD: 3-18-13

Skill:  Kipping

Warm Up:  Bar Muscle Up practice

WOD L1: For time:

1000M Row
30 Pull Ups
60 Wall Balls (14/10)
100 Double Unders

WOD L2: For time:

100 Cal Row
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
60 Wall Balls (20/14)
100 Double Unders


Let’s recap…

With two weeks down, the Opens are almost half way through and with that said, each upcoming workout becomes more and more important.  Let’s have a gander at how things panned out this week for Reebok CrossFit Back Bay.

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay placed 45th with the high scores going to Jessa (343…good for 19th in the region) and Brendan (329…good for 39th in the region)

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay II placed 29th with the high scores going to Dawn (321…good for 74th in the region ) and Mike H. (321…good for 68th in the region)

For a second week running, the women of the gym have come out with a strong representation for Reebok CrossFit Back Bay I and II.  Good work to everyone to took part in the more than 12 million Box Jumps worldwide.  Since last week I asked that no Box Jumps show up in the workout, I will keep that in mind for the closing statement from now on.

Please no swimming or Spanish,





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